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Topshop make truly vile dress (and fashion mags fall for it)

Posted in Trends with tags , , , on October 17, 2011 by DbyDC

You don’t need DbyDC to tell you this dress is horrible. Just look at it. It’s described as the Wallpaper Ombre dress which means… well, fuck all really, it’s just a name. But it does have the word ‘wallpaper’ in it which ought to be a clue.

So what else do you need to know about it? It’s £80, it’s from Topshop and it’s 100% polyester. And according to Look magazine, it is the answer to “all our fashion prayers.” Yep, all of ’em.

It will look “just as good in the office as it would on a Saturday night,” they claim, absurdly. And “whatever look you’re going for, this is one dress that’s guaranteed to make a serious style statement without being OTT.”

Um, really?

Let’s see, it’s a faux vintage cut combined with granny-chic florals in 70s shades, dip-dyed and topped off with acid yellow. Yep, OTT is pretty much EXACTLY the expression that comes to mind. And that’s without the sky high heels and oversized clutch that Look suggest I glam it up with…

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Wear your misogyny on your sleeve with Topman

Posted in Style Tips with tags , , , on September 14, 2011 by DbyDC

Here are some new t-shirts from Topman. Yeah… not great, are they? DbyDC is pretty dubious towards slogan t-shirts at the best of times. There was a boy in my French class at school who wore an ‘Adi-hash’ t-shirt pretty much constantly but that’s a whole other blog post.

These are really, actually, bordering on being quite offensive, not to mention crass and misogynistic. Twitter is in uproar, naturally, and far be it from DbyDC not to join in. So, if you will… ahem…

What breed is she? What BREED is she?? Are you comparing women to DOGS, Topman, ARE YOU? Hmm, it appears you are and frankly someone at some level (ideally the buyer) should have really flagged this up as being what is known in the fashion world as “not cool”.

As for the second one, well, if you don’t see how this could allude to domestic violence then there really is something quite wrong with you. You provoked me? I was drunk? Are you fucking shitting me, Topman?

Oh and P.S. This isn’t directly relevant but I might as well chuck it in while I’m at it: your t-shirt that says “this is what perfection looks like” is awful and destined to be worn exclusively by leery, sweaty sex pests with beer guts. So well done, Topman. I hope you’re happy.

UPDATE: Topman forced to withdraw the offensive t-shirts.