This bloke really hates capri pants

Imagine hating one item of clothing so much you’d dedicate an entire blog to it. Well, that’s what this fella did. He’s an advertising copywriter from New York and DbyDC doesn’t like to go out a limb (ever…) but I’m guessing he doesn’t like capri pants. The secret clue in this amazing sleuth work is the fact that his blog is called:

He hasn’t updated in a while (or, you know, three years) but it’s still worth a peep.

Personally I don’t mind capri pants but that’s probably because I approach fashion rather like fancy dress, as evidenced by THIS classy ensemble. I mean, it depends what you do with them but then you could say that about everything in fashion… in life, even. Obviously the ones in the picture are vile. That’s a given. Still, you can’t argue with a fanatic. No really, don’t. They’re usually a bit mental and liable to just chop your damn feet off mid-calf so as to demonstrate the point.


One Response to “This bloke really hates capri pants”

  1. For some reason I am enjoying this man’s pent up aggression A LOT! x

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