Wanky fashion comment of the week

“There are two types of beauties in this world. The embarrassing, needy sort who let it all hang out, and the fabulous beasts who captivate by doing nothing at all.” – Giles Hattersley, The Sunday Times Style

There’s only one word for this: guh. If there’s a more obnoxious, snobbish, brown-nosery opener to an interview, DbyDC would really like to see it.

Firstly there’s the use of the word ‘beauties’ which calls to mind leery 1960s Miss World presenters, grinning and fondly patting the bums of the contestants. Secondly there’s the suggestion that there are only two types which, in an issue supposedly dedicated to eccentric and alternative forms of beauty, strikes me as a monumentally daft thing to say. And thirdly, there’s the suggestion that if you enjoy a bit of theatre in your approach to fashion, you are both needy and embarrassing (to whom, I’m not sure… the Sunday Times, maybe?). Oh do piss off.

The ‘beauty’ in question was Josephine de La Baume, the model and actress and – perhaps more crucially, at least where mainstream media interest is concerned – wife of Mark Ronson. Hattersley is quick to point out/gush that she is one of the latter sort, making me immediately wonder who he has in mind for the former.

Now I actually quite like Mlle de La Baume’s style. She’s not just pretty, she’s interesting-looking and she looked smokin’ as a redhead in last year’s Agent Provocateur ads. I also feel like she’d be a worthy competitor in a ‘how long can I go without washing my hair’ contest (of which the fash industry holds too few, in my opinion) but a “fabulous beast” who “captivates by doing nothing at all”? Vom. Also, bullshit. No one does nothing. No one, no one, no one. Especially not women and especially not women in the public eye so please stop pretending they do.

Except me, obviously. I wake up looking perfect…

[NB This photo was actually taken at a ‘Lost Boys’ Secret Cinema event so I’m rockin’ out my late 80s grunge but the result is pretty close to how I look first thing in the morning. Mmm…]




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