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Introducing the ULTIMATE beauty tool… Fotoshop by Adobé

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Love this. I am actually working on a feature at the moment about the difference between how the body is represented in art vs how it is represented in media. But that’s a bit heavy for DbyDC so for now I’ll just go with… Fuck yeah!

Fotoshop by Adobé from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.


Croc-horror! A selection of shoes that are IN EVERY WAY preferable to Crocs.

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To be honest slagging off Crocs is a bit below DbyDC. I mean, it’s so obvious. But then someone sent me… THIS:

Is this the ugliest shoe in the world? It’s a big shout but after careful consideration DbyDC has decided…  yes. Yes, it probably is. I mean, good CHRIST, Crocs. What the flippin’ heck were you thinking?

 [NB There is a strong possibility these boots are a fake. What would possess somebody to create a mutant Croc – even in digital form – is not a question I feel qualified to answer right now but I’m not going to let that put me off  a bit of good old-fashioned bitching.]

Then again, it’s not like they’ve got a sterling track record where style is concerned, is it?

Now, I’m a strong believer in the form follows function mandate but come on. You’re not supposed to abandon form altogether. There is just NO NEED for shoes to be this ugly. It’s gratuitous. And their moronic buyers justify them on the basis that they are “comfy”. This is bollocks. Do you know what else is comfy, Croc-suckers? These:

Muji, £10.95 in case you’re interested. I have them in cream. God, they’re comfy. And you can put them in the washing machine. Can you put crocs in the washing machine? No.

“Oh but… oh but… [say the Croc-apologists] you can’t wear slippers outside. Crocs are waterproof.” Oh really? Wow. Do you know what else is waterproof? These:

How cool? Wellies that look like biker boots. I don’t own them but I wish I did. They’re by Hunter and you can pick ’em up on Asos for £95.

“Wellies, pah! [oh crap, it’s the Croc-lovers again] Crocs are breezy and cool and you don’t even need socks… though you can wear socks if you like.” Wtf, is that supposed to be a selling point? What a Croc of shit. Do you know what else is cool and sock-free? These:

Wait, what’s that? Comfy, breezy, waterproof AND they don’t look like snozzcumbers on acid? Surely it’s too good to be true?

Well, actually no. Just pop down to Office, cough up £22.99 and the dream really can become reality.

You’re welcome. x

This bloke really hates capri pants

Posted in Style Tips with tags , , on December 1, 2011 by DbyDC

Imagine hating one item of clothing so much you’d dedicate an entire blog to it. Well, that’s what this fella did. He’s an advertising copywriter from New York and DbyDC doesn’t like to go out a limb (ever…) but I’m guessing he doesn’t like capri pants. The secret clue in this amazing sleuth work is the fact that his blog is called:

He hasn’t updated in a while (or, you know, three years) but it’s still worth a peep.

Personally I don’t mind capri pants but that’s probably because I approach fashion rather like fancy dress, as evidenced by THIS classy ensemble. I mean, it depends what you do with them but then you could say that about everything in fashion… in life, even. Obviously the ones in the picture are vile. That’s a given. Still, you can’t argue with a fanatic. No really, don’t. They’re usually a bit mental and liable to just chop your damn feet off mid-calf so as to demonstrate the point.

Wear your misogyny on your sleeve with Topman

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Here are some new t-shirts from Topman. Yeah… not great, are they? DbyDC is pretty dubious towards slogan t-shirts at the best of times. There was a boy in my French class at school who wore an ‘Adi-hash’ t-shirt pretty much constantly but that’s a whole other blog post.

These are really, actually, bordering on being quite offensive, not to mention crass and misogynistic. Twitter is in uproar, naturally, and far be it from DbyDC not to join in. So, if you will… ahem…

What breed is she? What BREED is she?? Are you comparing women to DOGS, Topman, ARE YOU? Hmm, it appears you are and frankly someone at some level (ideally the buyer) should have really flagged this up as being what is known in the fashion world as “not cool”.

As for the second one, well, if you don’t see how this could allude to domestic violence then there really is something quite wrong with you. You provoked me? I was drunk? Are you fucking shitting me, Topman?

Oh and P.S. This isn’t directly relevant but I might as well chuck it in while I’m at it: your t-shirt that says “this is what perfection looks like” is awful and destined to be worn exclusively by leery, sweaty sex pests with beer guts. So well done, Topman. I hope you’re happy.

UPDATE: Topman forced to withdraw the offensive t-shirts.

Strike a pose! The perils of applying fashion rules to real life

Posted in Style Tips with tags , on August 24, 2011 by DbyDC

How not to wear your clothes: A very special look at what happens when normal women try to copy fashion models.

In public.

Corduroy skirts are a sin

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DbyDC loves a witty retort, particularly when it comes in the form of unsolicited style advice. I like the way he’s risen above her ignorance and used the opportunity to dole out fashion tips. And best of all, his claim is as narrow and unsubstantiated as hers. It’s the perfect comeback.

Get The Look: Grunge Roots

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Elle.UK says…

“Ask your stylist to apply three different levels of lightener using a smudging technique. Your stylist should do this freehand for a natural, relaxed look.”

Please, please ask your stylist to use a freehand smudging technique. Also, if you could then pay upwards of £150 for a look that the rest of us manage to achieve through a couple of months of negligence, that’d make me really happy.