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I should Coco. Why Chanel is the brand that must not be named.

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Looks like I’m not the only one feeling totally Chanel-ed out. The multi-national company were Chanel-ling a bit of the old Mademoiselle this week as they put out a tight little reminder in Women’s Wear Daily that, darlings, there is only one Chanel.

Apparently fashion journos are now so universally braindead that they have forgotten where their Shift->F7 buttons are and taken to simply adding the word ‘Chanel’ onto a variety suffixes in order to describe everything since… well, Chanel.

This worrying bout of Chanel-ism has prompted the company to issue the following:

“A note of information and entreaty to fashion editors, advertisers, copywriters and other well-intentioned mis-users of our Chanel name: Chanel was a designer, an extraordinary woman who made a timeless contribution to fashion. Chanel is a perfume. Chanel is modern elegance in couture, ready-to-wear, accessories, watches and fine jewelry. Chanel is our registered trademark for fragrance, cosmetics, clothing, accessories and other lovely things. Although our style is justly famous, a jacket is not ‘a Chanel jacket’ unless it is ours, and somebody else’s cardigans are not ‘Chanel for now.’ And even if we are flattered by such tributes to our fame as ‘Chanel-issime,  Chanel-ed, Chanels, and Chanel-ized’, PLEASE DON’T. Our lawyers positively detest them. We take our trademark seriously. 


 Chanel, Inc.”

Yikes. In the meantime, if you’ve spotted any Chanel-o-grams, be sure to send ‘em our way…


Get The Look: Grunge Roots

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Elle.UK says…

“Ask your stylist to apply three different levels of lightener using a smudging technique. Your stylist should do this freehand for a natural, relaxed look.”

Please, please ask your stylist to use a freehand smudging technique. Also, if you could then pay upwards of £150 for a look that the rest of us manage to achieve through a couple of months of negligence, that’d make me really happy.


Bare-legged in the bleak midwinter

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Sorry girls. I know you stocked up on cable knit thigh-highs last year but Vicky Ward (Vogue, October 2010) says bare legs are hot in New York. And we all know New York is where the hot people are (Except when they’re in London, obvs, darl. Or Paris. Or er… Tallinn? Basically wherever the The Sartorialist last went, I think).

Anyway, the point, she explains, is that in NYC “it is usual for a woman to arrive in her office pencil skirt uninhibited by tights (even trousers are worn with peep-toe sandals and a tanned ankle) and for a truly chic evening out, you must be without tights, taut and gleaming.”

Um… seriously? Oh yes. And, in a line apparently plagiarised from Mecca Bingo’s 1953 Miss World application pack, she advises British Women to do the same:

“Step with bare legs and a gleaming smile no matter if it is raining, sleeting, or snowing.”

It goes on. And just when you thought the urge to smack this woman couldn’t get much stronger…

“Status dictates that, no matter what, you appear at a cocktail party with legs that look like their just back from a winter break in St Barts (fortunately for us, winter sun is short flight away). Also mandatory are 4in heels that tell the room: ‘My car dropped me at the door.’”

But then, slowly, you begin to realise that what you’re feeling isn’t scorn, not really. It’s pity.

“Here we get pedicures every two weeks. We wax from the thigh down. Those who can’t afford to fly to Palm Beach every weekend keep a bottle of Airflash to hand – leg foundation from Dior.”

Until finally…

“We don’t train, tone and wax our legs into perfect condition 365 days a year only to bundle them into tights.”

No. No you don’t, Vicky. But then, neither do we.


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Topman unveils 28 of the hottest ways to look fucking miserable this A/W.

[Tip off courtesy of @SimonEves]