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“Cadeaux” – as seen in Vogue Paris, December 2010

Posted in Fashion News with tags , , on January 7, 2011 by DbyDC

What is wrong with these pictures? It’s hard to put your finger on, isn’t it? Is it the tacky eyeshadow, the gaudy jewellery, the questionable hairstyles? Or could it be the fact that seven year old girls have been dressed in silk and feathers and lamé, before being photographed pouting beguilingly from beneath come-to-bed eyes? All wrapped up and dripping in glitz, they are laid out before us and entitled “presents”. Presents. Pretty sparkly little gifts. Yeah, there’s always such a fine line between fashion and child porn… wait, WHAT?

DbyDC doesn’t normally do outrage but since our usual stalwarts of decency The Daily Mail can’t run this story on account of it’s being “too French” the vociferous burden falls to us. Ready? Ahem.

VOGUE: THIS IS NOT OK. Unlike the aforementioned Mail, we do not believe that our society is morally broken but we do believe in protecting children (and we’re not talking about adolescents, here, these girls are children). Protecting them from fucked up men and women who would do them harm and protecting them from a fetishistic fashion culture that would lay them out on glossy pages for all to perve over.