Tattooed Barbie deemed ‘inappropriate’ (but I still want her outfit)

Check out Tokidoki Barbie, isn’t she awesome? I mean, I don’t want one or anything, I’m a grown woman for Chrissakes. But come on, what’s not to love? Pink bob – check. Leopard print – check. Plastic bangles – check. Dog wearing a cactus… er, check. She’s rocking her trashy-chic roots with aplomb. DbyDC thoroughly approves.

Naturally the Mail et al have been whinging about the terrible message this sends out to children (regarding the tattoos, that is, the rest of the outfit is obviously fine. In fact, if you happen to be looking for some leopard-print leggings for your six-year-old, Debenhams do a very classy pair. The PVC skirt I can’t help you with). But much good may it do them as she’s sold out everywhere, much to the delight of her Japanese anime-inspired designers who, it is worth pointing out, never intended the doll for children anyway but for adult collectors.

Hmm… let’s gloss over that one.

Mattel have defended Tokidoki Barbie’s soft-punk style by pointing out that “Barbie has sported an endless array of styles,” just as they did for Totally Stylin’ Barbie, released in 2009 with removable sticker tats. “The doll gives girls a chance to express themselves and be creative,” they insisted. Hurrah to that.

Except… um, actually Barbie is generally pretty awful isn’t she? Yes, she has sported an endless array of styles but were any of them the kind of thing you’d want your kids to wear? The point the tattoo-haters seem to have missed is that Barbie has never been a style icon, let alone a female role model.

She might have a kitsch appeal now that we’ve outgrown her (at least most of us have…) but in the end she’s a tacky bimbo with an absurd set of vital stats (36-18-33) and a BMI that puts her firmly in the anorexic camp and makes it unlikely she has ever menstruated in all her 52 years. She also wears too much make-up and dyes her hair a brassy shade of peroxide. I might be going out on a limb here but in terms of sending a message out to children, I’d say tattoos are the least of her worries.

Still kind of love this outfit though.


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