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Fashion shocker: Woman ignores dress code; is turned away

Posted in Fashion News with tags , , , on January 25, 2012 by DbyDC

It has come to DbyDC’s attention that this woman was barred from entering three nightclubs on account of her attire failing to meet the specifications of their dress code.


Now, ‘smart casual’ can be interpreted fairly broadly but even I have to admit it probably doesn’t extend to PVC and chains.

The doormen who told 28-year-old Lisa Woodman she was “too old” to wear the ensemble were definitely being a bit idiotic. And of course they aren’t allowed to discriminate against her on grounds of age but on outfit… yeah, I’m afraid they are. This isn’t a matter of what you can or can’t squeeze your body into, it’s a matter of style and – ultimately – taste. If a venue has a dress code, you have to adhere to it and yes, I’m afraid they get to decide where the boundaries are drawn.

By the way, it’s probably worth pointing out at this stage that ‘death by dress code’ refers to the cultural narrative of dress imposed upon us by our Anglo-American capitalist society, not actual dress codes. Actual dress codes are quite useful; they help us decide what to wear. Also, to my knowledge, no one has ever actually died as the result of one [note to self: maybe check this?].

Anyway, the tabloids have ostensibly tried to spin this into some sort of feminist issue in their usual back-handed way but it’s not really washing. Yes a woman (hell, a person) has the right to look like a cartoon porn star if she wants to but don’t be surprised if there are limited occasions in which this is deemed ‘in keeping’.

Now, DbyDC is all for self-expression through the medium of fashion but what is this woman trying to express? That’s not even a rhetorical question, I really want to know. She says she likes to dress sexily and that’s fine but maybe save the wipe-clean fabrics for Torture Garden, eh?

I hate to say it but she looks like a prostitute. And not one like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. That, my friends, is ‘hooker chic’ and far more stylish than anything Ms Woodman owns.

So what is it? A protest? The newspapers seem to think that Lisa Woodman has been humiliated by not being allowed in to her local club, that women should be allowed to wear whatever they like and not have to suffer such open disapproval. I mean, that’s what the slutwalks were for, right?

Hmm. Not quite. The slutwalks were about women being able to wear whatever they liked without being abused. They were not about getting into clubs. People like Lisa should be allowed to strut their stuff in any manner of getup without becoming victims to verbal or physical assault.

But at no point did anyone suggest we have to share their fashion tastes.


Another day, another offensive T-shirt

Posted in Fashion News with tags , , on November 2, 2011 by DbyDC

Another day, another offensive T shirt . This time by a clothing manufacturer called Chargrilled (nope, me neither). Click here for details but essentially all you need to know is that this company were selling a T-shirt that read:

No + Rohypnol = Yes

Woweeeee. And as ever in the fashion world it got even better when the company’s founder tweeted that anyone who didn’t like them could “get a life” and that “they weren’t meant for ugly feminists” anyway.

Oh, right. Okeydoke then. Nee bother.

Oh… except I forgot just one teeny thing. You’re a fucking idiot, @charlieshiner (whoops, was that his twitter handle?).

Introducing… the bra that thinks it’s a revolution

Posted in Fashion News with tags , , , on October 5, 2011 by DbyDC

I know what you’re thinking. It’s all very well these sports bras offering innovative breast encapsulation, sweat-removing fabric, not to mention brilliant support and comfort but when are they going to make one that STOPS people looking at my breasts?

Well here it is, ladies. Finally, a bra that helps me “get one over” on men.

Wear your misogyny on your sleeve with Topman

Posted in Style Tips with tags , , , on September 14, 2011 by DbyDC

Here are some new t-shirts from Topman. Yeah… not great, are they? DbyDC is pretty dubious towards slogan t-shirts at the best of times. There was a boy in my French class at school who wore an ‘Adi-hash’ t-shirt pretty much constantly but that’s a whole other blog post.

These are really, actually, bordering on being quite offensive, not to mention crass and misogynistic. Twitter is in uproar, naturally, and far be it from DbyDC not to join in. So, if you will… ahem…

What breed is she? What BREED is she?? Are you comparing women to DOGS, Topman, ARE YOU? Hmm, it appears you are and frankly someone at some level (ideally the buyer) should have really flagged this up as being what is known in the fashion world as “not cool”.

As for the second one, well, if you don’t see how this could allude to domestic violence then there really is something quite wrong with you. You provoked me? I was drunk? Are you fucking shitting me, Topman?

Oh and P.S. This isn’t directly relevant but I might as well chuck it in while I’m at it: your t-shirt that says “this is what perfection looks like” is awful and destined to be worn exclusively by leery, sweaty sex pests with beer guts. So well done, Topman. I hope you’re happy.

UPDATE: Topman forced to withdraw the offensive t-shirts.

Banana Republic does “retro misogyny”

Posted in Fashion News with tags , , on August 10, 2011 by DbyDC

“Hey #feminist Twitter, who’s creeped out by Banana Republic’s #MadMen clothing line? The show’s complex; impersonating retro misogyny isn’t.”

When DbyDC first saw Jenn Pozner’s tweet about the latest Banana Republic ads I asked her to send me a link. She wouldn’t (she doesn’t divert traffic to marketing campaigns) but I didn’t have to look to hard to find it. From her words I’d been expecting a Dolce & Gabbana level of controversy – a ‘Betty’ model positioned provocatively over a washing up bowl, flaunting BR’s latest pinny line; a ‘Don’ in this autumn’s hottest workwear, drink in hand and a hosiery-ed model hanging off his trouser leg. But no. It’s just clothes. On models. Looking good.

Surely Jennifer Pozner, writer, journalist, lecturer and all-round women-in-business role model is capable of a more rational response than this? Is she actually suggesting that, in producing this collection, Banana Republic is encouraging people to emulate the values and attitudes of characters Don and Betty Draper? Sure, it might encourage people to dress like Don and Betty but behave and think like them? Please.

Jenn, it’s 60s-inspired clothing made popular and accessible by the fact that there is currently a hit TV show set in that era. And… it’s quite nice. Check out the full collection here.