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American Apparel ‘plus size’ model comp gets its just deserts

Posted in Fashion News with tags , , on September 9, 2011 by DbyDC

Good Lord. Could this be two pieces of good fashion news in one day? DbyDC scarcely knows what to do with itself. But yes, word has reached me that Nancy Upton, who took on troubled retailer American Apparel over their ‘plus size’ model competition, has actually WON. No, not a lawsuit, that would be deadly boring, she’s won the competition.

Nancy, incensed by the patronising tone with which American “plus size is not our demographic” Apparel launched their ‘Next Big Thing’ contest, decided to create a parody entry. She got a photographer pal to take sensual ‘model shots’ of her in various saucy poses while she stuffed her face with pizza, chicken, and ice cream. Her campaign gained such a following that she ended up being the highest rated entry (yes, AA invited the public to rate the entrants – I know, it just gets better).

By rights she is now entitled to her own shoot with the company and a goodie bag of plus size clothes to take away but how AA will react and whether she will even accept remains to be seen. In the meantime… check out Nancy’s full story here.

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