Aussie clothing store tells complaining customer she isn’t “fashion forward” enough

DbyDC couldn’t make this shit up. Actually I could but the fashion world is so unfailingly awful that I don’t have to.

When Keara O’Neil sent an email to Australian clothes retailer GASP complaining of the rude way she’d been treated by a sales assistant in one of their stores, she wasn’t even expecting an apology. As a retail assistant herself she merely thought they should be informed of the attitude and incompetency of one of their staff members. The response she got was… something else.

DbyDC barely evens knows where to start with selecting passages to quote. In fact, I suggest you just head straight over to the Herald Sun where they have both Keara’s email and the reply from GASP’s area manager in full. But to whet your appetite, here are a few choice cuts:

“We only carry products which appeal to a very fashion forward consumer. This means that the customer whom is acclimatised to buying from “clothing for the masses” type retailers, is almost frightened by our range.”

“Chris whom served you is a qualified stylist whom has a sixth sense for fashion.”

“Chris is a retail superstar, who possess unparalleled ability, and I am sorry you feel upset by him, but he knew you were not going to buy anything before you even left your house.”

“I respectfully ask that you side step our store during future window shopping expeditions.”

Sigh. It’s so bad it almost makes me happy. As long as there are people like this in the world, the DbyDC cogs can keep turning. I mean not only is this man, one Matthew Chidgey, a pretentious moron and a borderline imbecile (does Chris really have a sixth sense, DOES HE?) he’s also a nasty bastard. Plus he has since issued a statement defending his comments and even going so far as to say that:

“We respect and welcome all customers whom wish to visit our store, but we ask that their opinions be expressed through blogs, social media or around a warm latte, but certainly not inside our stores.”

Well here you go then, Matthew. Enjoy.


2 Responses to “Aussie clothing store tells complaining customer she isn’t “fashion forward” enough”

  1. Err… Oh. My. God: “Our range is worn by A list celebrities to the likes of Kim Kardashian [and] Selena Gomez”. I do not know who these people are.” “[our] items are priced such that they remain inaccessible to the undesirable”. Are they actually implying that customers of ANY sort are undesirable? But mainly – can someone take this guy aside and teach him when to use WHO and when to use WHOM. Idiot.

  2. One’s an ex-Disney channel cutie, one’s a society girl and reality tv star. I think that tells you everything you need to know about how ‘fashion forward’ the store is.

    The who/whom thing is quite amazing. I think he thinks ‘whom’ is just a more formal version.

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