Shock News! Fashion journalist says something sensible

Check out the Luke Leitch’s feature, A Man’s Guide to a Woman’s Wardrobe in Intelligent Life.

DbyDC normally reserves only the most withering of sneers for fashion journos but even I have to admit, this is excellent. Having joined the Telegraph’s fashion desk two years ago, Leitch endeavours to ‘explain’ women’s love for fashion from a male point of view. Not a new idea by any stretch of the imagination but what it lacks in originality, it makes up for in astuteness.

Of course, he doesn’t address the sycophantic bollocks transmitted daily via the metaphorical loudspeakers of the style world but he’s one of the few fashion ‘outsiders’ I’ve ever read who genuinely understands that women’s fashion has nothing to do with men.

He also remains openly baffled by harem pants.


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