Abercrombie and Fitch do something cuntish… for a change

Ever since LFO’s 1999 pop smash, Summer Girls, DbyDC has avoided Abercrombie and Fitch like the plague. The fact that three greasy lads with no musical skills and a surplus of sportswear liked A&F (or, more specifically, girls who wear it), always seemed reason enough to boycott the brand.

Incidentally it has since transpired that A&F are not only purveyors of overpriced trackies, they are also a bunch of bastards. First and foremost is their appalling employment record. It is well known that only regulation hotties need apply and the stories range from personal anecdotes of being confined to the stock room on a “bad hair day” to discrimination lawsuits. Now they have gone one step further in the battle to maintain their “aspirational” image and offered to pay Jersey Shore‘s Michael “The Situation” Sorrentino not to wear their clothes.

In an astounding display of snobbery, A&F suggested that the reality TV star switch to another clothing label. They said his association with the brand could have a negative impact on their image and have offered him a “substantial payment” in exchange for his compliance.

A&F is also concerned that Sorrentino’s endorsement of their brand would lead to it being associated with the sex, alcohol and general tomfoolery displayed in Jersey Shore. And apparently that might be “distressing” for the label’s fans. Right. Because Abercrombie fans are all chaste teetotalers.

Nobody, least of all DbyDC, is denying “The Situation” is a bit of an arse both in word and deed. But that’s why he’s exactly the kind of person to “aspire” to Abercrombie and Fitch. And frankly they need to grow up and enjoy the sales spike.

Far from preserving their wholesome image, all A&F have actually done here is cement their status as a glossy-haired pack of marketing facists.


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