Banana Republic does “retro misogyny”

“Hey #feminist Twitter, who’s creeped out by Banana Republic’s #MadMen clothing line? The show’s complex; impersonating retro misogyny isn’t.”

When DbyDC first saw Jenn Pozner’s tweet about the latest Banana Republic ads I asked her to send me a link. She wouldn’t (she doesn’t divert traffic to marketing campaigns) but I didn’t have to look to hard to find it. From her words I’d been expecting a Dolce & Gabbana level of controversy – a ‘Betty’ model positioned provocatively over a washing up bowl, flaunting BR’s latest pinny line; a ‘Don’ in this autumn’s hottest workwear, drink in hand and a hosiery-ed model hanging off his trouser leg. But no. It’s just clothes. On models. Looking good.

Surely Jennifer Pozner, writer, journalist, lecturer and all-round women-in-business role model is capable of a more rational response than this? Is she actually suggesting that, in producing this collection, Banana Republic is encouraging people to emulate the values and attitudes of characters Don and Betty Draper? Sure, it might encourage people to dress like Don and Betty but behave and think like them? Please.

Jenn, it’s 60s-inspired clothing made popular and accessible by the fact that there is currently a hit TV show set in that era. And… it’s quite nice. Check out the full collection here.


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