Debenhams cashes in on royalist credulity

Is it only me that feels a bit depressed when reading the news that Debenhams is bringing out a ‘Pippa Middleton collection’? Like any normal person with an ounce of autonomy in the style department, I have no interest in copying anyone’s ‘look’, let alone that of the Middleton sisters.

Time and time again I fail to understand the credulity of the fashion pack. So to combine that with a cult celebrity following surrounding a semi-royal is, for me, a recipe for utter dejection.

Naturally I was scornful when, back in November, Kate’s engagement dress spawned hundreds of high street copies. And I was utterly gobsmacked when demand for her boring nude-coloured Reiss bandage dress actually crashed the store’s website.

But going back to Pippa, there are two points to make. First, her dresses were designer. They were Sarah Burton/Alexander McQueen and Alice Temperley and not only that, they were made for her. There is no way that a £170 Debenhams version is going to match up to that, in the cut, in the feel, or in the way it looks. I’m sorry but if it’s special you’re after, designer copycats are never, ever going to be the way forward. Far from being a unique slice of the Middleton magic, they are ordinary high street dresses made even more ordinary by the fact that they are instantly both recognisable and attributable.

Second, why on earth anyone would want to emulate Pippa Middleton is beyond DbyDC. So far all we can find to say of her is that she is thin, conservative, posh, has lots of money and is now related to the royals. Inspiring stuff.

In fact, if the craze continues, DbyDC suspects there is a very real threat of turning into this:


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